Brand Authorization Letter Format For Sellers

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Brand Authorization Letter Format For Sellers

So What Is Brand Authorization Letter?
Brand Authorization Letter is a letter that is given by brand owner to seller/vendors to sell distribute, exhibit their products with the mentioned brand name. The Brand Authorization Letter will provide the authenticity of the supplier and the owner. It is always recommended to have this letter when dealing with other vendors in business whether you want to operate it offline or online. 

So Their Are Simple Steps In Brand Authorization Letter
1:-Brand Authorization Letter must contain the details of the owner to whomsoever the brand is connected with.
2:-Their should be trademark number so if you're using that Brand Authorization Letter in e-commerce marketplace they can verify the company and authorize you to sell on their marketplace.
3:-Where as in some case there is validity wrote in Brand Authorization Letter so you have to issue it again as per the validity expires in the letter.
4:-In Brand Authorization Letter there should clearly mention name and address of the company.
5:-In some rare case brand provide you an Authorization Number.

Brand Authorization Letter Sample

Brand Authorization Letter Format

Note:- Only For Educational Purposes

Company Name Company Address

+00 00 00 00 00

Your Company Name
Your Address

Authorization Letter

This is to certify that Your company Name located at Your Address is authorized to supply, promote, distribute, sell, exhibit, negotiate, and hold responsibility for after-sale services of Brand Name worldwide.

The Brand Name include Products Which Brand have Will be Written here

TM Application No: - 0000000:- Brand Trademark Number
TM Class: -00      [ 00 Indicates Multiclass Applicaltion]  Brand Trademark Class

This Letter is valid from 3rd August 2019 to 3 August 2021:- Validity Of Your Brand Authorization

Authorization Number: 00000000000

Yours Sincerely

Brand Owner Name

Brand Authorization Letter
Now you can see there are many things written on Brand Authorization Letter Sample it may vary in different brands. Different organizations have their own way of representing the brand authorization letter. The only thing matter in the brand authorization letter is that it is all original and authorized by a regulatory identity.

In e-commerce marketplaces, the brand authorization letter must have documentation of the brand identity. It develops trust in everyone’s mind. Once the brand is approved on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal, etc. Then the seller is valid to sell products.

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