Marking RTD by scanner, its benefits and how to fix RTD errors

Once you have picked and packed your orders, you can mark them as Ready to Dispatch also known as RTD. You can mark your orders as ready to dispatch easily by scanning the barcode of the courier AWB No. on the shipping label with the help of a barcode scanner. This is the vertical barcode on the shipping label.
Here are the benefits of marking RTD with a barcode scanner:
  • It helps you reduce courier returns by recognizing cancelled orders beforehand
  • It helps you scan shipping labels more easily and without making mistakes
  • It helps you dispatch orders quicker
Follow these steps to mark your orders as ‘RTD’ with a scanner:
  • Log into your seller account.
  • Click on the ‘Orders’ tab and then on ‘Active Orders’.
  • Click on the ‘Pending RTD’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Scan Orders’ and scan the vertical barcode on the shipping label.
  • Look for ‘Success’ status under Last Scanned Shipment.
  • The successfully scanned orders gets marked as ‘RTD’ and move from ‘Pending RTD’ to ‘Pending Handover’ tab.
Similarly, you can see the shipments that weren’t successfully scanned with an error message that says, ‘Unable to Scan’. Take a look at the common RTD error reasons and how to correct them.
RTD error is because tracking ID isn’t present
  • This means that the barcode that you are scanning isn’t being recognized.
  • This may be because you haven’t pasted the shipping label as per the guidelines.
  • Solution: Re-print and paste the shipping label correctly and scan the vertical barcode.
RTD error is because order has already been marked RTD
  • This means that you are scanning the barcode of an order that you have already marked as ready to dispatch.
  • This happens if you scan the same product twice by mistake.
  • Solution: Check that you are scanning the correct label and proceed.
RTD error is because of a cancellation
  • This means that you are scanning the barcode of an order that the customer has already cancelled.
  • This happens if the customer cancels the order while you’re trying to mark it RTD.
  • Solution: Don’t proceed further as the order no longer exists.
Don’t forget to mark the order as ready to dispatch only after fully packaging the product. By following these steps you will be able to process orders quickly, improve customer satisfaction, as well as get positive customer reviews and ratings.

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